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For those of you waiting with bated breath for your next real estate newsletter from me, rest easy….it’s here. For the other 99% of you longing for a world without endless email (and realtors), consider this a brief, informative, and perhaps humorous distraction in an otherwise routine day.

I would like to start off by acknowledging what is at the top of everyone’s “newsfeed” these days….whether it’s ok or not for NFL players to stand, kneel, lock arms, or otherwise scratch themselves while the national anthem is playing. Now that NFL owners are apparently ok with all manner of behavior while the national anthem is playing, can we at least agree on one thing….the reason Colin Kaepernick is unemployed is because he’s really not a very good quarterback?

Maybe the one thing we can all agree on is the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Otherwise, you’d never be able to unsubscribe from commercial email, no matter how interesting or funny!

If my thinly veiled attempt to use humor and current events got you to read this far worked, why stop now? If you did, you’d never know if it got any funnier (or funny). Maybe it will just simply remind you that I help people buy and sell real estate.

Either way, I’ll shorten it up with two main takeaways:  Current market conditions and selling your home…

(1) Current market conditions in Santa Barbara County

• Extremely low inventory continues to drive prices higher
• Under $1 million is an extremely hot sellers market
• More balanced up to $2.5 million
• Over $3 million mostly a buyer’s market

Please contact me to discuss what this means for buyers and sellers, and for a more detailed market analysis. I can go deep (unlike Kaepernick), but it doesn’t play well in email!

(2) Selling high value and/or unique properties (while seamlessly bragging about one of my recent sales)

I recently sold a 360 acre ranch with an 8,000 sq. ft main house made out of Western Red Cedar logs. It is an engineering marvel as well as an artistic accomplishment. It is also appeals to a much smaller buyer pool than normal. To sell this home in a market where multi-million dollar homes (especially unique ones) often sit on the market for years, I employed a three-prong strategy of digital advertising, social media, and PR that blanketed the world in very specific buyer segments. It was to be a four-prong strategy, but I decided against a Groupon at the last minute.

Selling your home for top dollar requires a custom marketing campaign with a uniquely tailored value proposition. Please contact me to discuss selling your home! …or just contact me if it’s been awhile! I would love to catch up (restraining orders be damned!)

Whether or not you are buying or selling, you probably know someone who is…please refer me to your friends (I’ve already annoyed all of mine!)

Until my next newsletter where I put it to you all to decide my new marketing tagline (“I’m here, I’m near, get used to it” is a strong contender!)

Best regards,