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What’s Normal?

Sent: 8.3.18


Hi all,

I’m streamlining my newsletter to appeal to those of us with short attention spans (goldfish and teenagers for example) and adding links for those interested in a little more content. Hopefully this satisfies all. My 17 year old daughter is the litmus test, if she can get through it anyone can (but then again her generation can binge watch the Office 28 times in a row so maybe they do have a long attention span?)

As always feedback is most welcome!

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What’s normal?
Home prices are rising at least twice the rate of inflation (2-3 times greater!). But what does this mean?

  • We are moving into a stable market (it is not normal to have double digit appreciation!)
  • Supply of homes is still tight but moving into the normal range (3-6 months)
  • Expect price appreciation in the near-term to continue but decelerate in the back half of the year

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Market Snapshot – The Law of Supply and Demand principle holds true as always!
Constrained supply keeps prices rising (although at a more normal rate…see above)


Epic birthday post that may change your outlook on your own mortality and finding your true passion in life (or not). It also takes you to my new website (feedback on design and usability appreciated!)

I Made It!


Potential topic for my next newsletter: Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Can the real estate transaction be “instafied”? Blockchain technology and several apps are in development attempting to boil down a 30-60 day process to a matter of days.


AWARDS, HONORS, and otherwise patting ourselves on the back

The Epstein Partners has been nominated for the “Best Real Estate Team” in Santa Barbara!
Voting is now open for the finalists…please cast your vote for the Epstein Partners (celebrating 30 years in the business!)